Marian Lorek – born in Wrocław, in his early years initially more attracted to drawing and sketching started painting since he was in his 20’s. During the years artist has been participating in many individual exhibitions taking place in many large cities of Poland like Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice, Chrzanów, Kłodzko, Kluczbork, Oleśnica, Długołeka, Wrocław as well as in Germany – Wiesbaden. The exhibitions organized in the artist’s hometown were taking place in some famous local galleries and cultural spots such as: Journalist Club, Literature and Art Club, Formaty Club, Agora Gallery and Entropia Gallery. One of the exhibited artworks was qualified to the finals of Nationwide Unproffesional Art Arward organised by BWA Gallery in Wrocław, while other artwork was included in Top 100 of best Polish artworks, patronised by Art&Business journal. Recently the artist has been running his own gallery situated in Sky Tower. Presented paintings can be described as mostly surreal with hyperrealistic and pop-art undertones. While the most characteristic artworks are those painted on velvet having unusual depth of the background and colour intensity. This creative exploration process let the artist to originate his own individual concept called Velvet Surrealism. The most recently artist experiments with mixed media such as akrylic and oil on canvas.

Galeria Sztuki Marlo
Phone – 0048 506 548 228 | Email – marian.lorek@gmail.com